munsha'at al'asad

Area: 16,686 hectares..

The Maskana project, which was later called (Mansha’at al-Assad) is located in northern Syria, about 70 km east of the city of Aleppo. The pedological study began in May 1973 and ended in July 1974 by Russian experts, to choose an area of ​​20 thousand hectares. It has been under investment since 1979.

The project consists of a pumping station (the joint pumping station) on the right bank of Lake Al-Assad) and two lifting stations. These stations were almost completely destroyed and sabotaged.

The Foundation is rehabilitating the joint pumping station, where two main groups and two auxiliary groups have been put into service, and preparations are underway to test two main groups and put them into service. 2021 It is also currently rehabilitating an ambulance for the irrigation network in the farms that will be irrigated for the next agricultural season.

Design Irrigation System and Total Irrigation Efficiency: Traditional surface irrigation with an open network of prefabricated canals (with an efficiency of 49%)

As for the drainage system: the covered drainage system and open drains were implemented with the implementation of the project.