It extends in the province of Raqqa and its countryside

Irrigation projects of the Middle Euphrates Basin in Raqqa Governorate:

  • Irrigation facilities in the projects have been subjected to systematic destruction by armed terrorist gangs and Western coalition aircraft, and most of the irrigated areas have left, causing severe damage to the Maghla pumping stations located on the right bank of the Euphrates River (Maghla, Al Buhamad and Al Suwaida pumping stations) and its area is about (6000) hectares, in addition to an area (5000) hectares irrigated from the main station of Raqqa.
  • An estimated list of the works required to rehabilitate the stations, transformational centers and power transmission lines belonging to them has been prepared. A contract has been made to rehabilitate the pumping stations for the yield irrigation system with the appendix on the reconstruction plan. The station and project have been put into operation and investment.
  • Quantities tables and conditions books were also prepared to repair the damages in the Al-Maghla irrigation network and the part under the control of the Syrian Arab Army from the Raqqa irrigation system, in coordination with the United Nations UNDB, which carried out the works under the supervision of the technical staff of the Corporation.
    A number of rehabilitation contracts for irrigation and drainage networks are also being implemented
  • The drainage networks were characterized to prepare the conditions and the schedule of quantities in preparation for the contracting procedures for implementation with the aim of limiting the rise in groundwater levels and salinization of the lands.
    As for the rest of the projects in Raqqa Governorate, which are located on the left bank of the river, they are still outside the control of the Syrian Arab Army.