The tasks of the branches and directorates of the institution according to the internal system

The tasks of the directorates of the branches, operation and maintenance

The tasks of the three branch directorates (Aleppo - Raqqa - Deir Ezzor):

Carrying out investigations, studies and designs, supervising all projects and proposing business plans and programs for them within each branch, in addition to participating in preparing and setting the annual budget and monthly reports, participating in committees for analyzing and studying prices for the implementation of irrigation projects, following up on the implementation of external contracts, receiving materials and equipment supplied in accordance with conditions and specifications, and participating in Land distribution committees, estimating agricultural damages, and paying compensation to those affected.

The tasks of the three Operations and Maintenance Directorates (Aleppo - Raqqa - Deir Ezzor):

Develop operating programs for projects according to their irrigation and water requirements, follow-up and operate irrigation and drainage networks, develop and implement maintenance programs for them in addition to emergency maintenance, suggest any work that would modify irrigation networks, follow up programs and coordinate work between pumping stations and main canals, implement periodic maintenance programs for them, and supervise the implementation of communications Maintaining irrigation houses and piezometers, monitoring the groundwater level, maintaining irrigation projects and investing them in an optimal manner, following up and coordinating with all relevant authorities, and being fully prepared to address emergency cases.

The tasks of the central directorates

Directorate of Planning and Statistics:

Preparing all the plans of the institution within the specific objectives of the study and preparing follow-up reports that monitor the progress of work in the projects and alert to the locations of defects and the statement of difficulties and obstacles, and provide the necessary suggestions to evaluate the work of the institution, and contribute to the preparation of the budget and follow-up financial spending for all the working bodies in the institution and follow-up contracts and implementation of loans and expenditures In addition to following up the supervising and implementing agencies, preparing statistics plans, manpower, training and dispatching.

Technical Affairs Directorate:

Technical and administrative supervision of all technical bodies entrusted with studying reclamation projects and carrying out studies, designs and various industrial works on irrigation and drainage networks, roads ... etc., and technical control over the proper implementation of works in projects and participation in all technical matters pertaining to the institution (designs - modifications - engineering consultancy Technical reports...)

Financial Affairs Directorate:

Applying the financial and warehouse systems, implementing the general financial policy of the institution, proposing a policy for obtaining the required funds to cover the requirements of the institution, in addition to studying the follow-up of the financial works necessary for the institution in accordance with the required plan and budget, managing and preserving securities, preparing the necessary statements for the movement of funds, preparing periodic reports on the financial position of the institution, and liquidating all Contracts made by the administration, and cooperation with the Planning Directorate to prepare the draft plan and investment budget.

Legal Affairs Directorate:

Carrying out all the organizational work related to the affairs of the employees in the institution and communicating the decisions and orders issued by the Director General to the relevant authorities in addition to distributing mail, supervising guards and cleaning, organizing mail records, conducting competitions, classifying and archiving and receiving complaints, in addition to studying cases and defenses related to lawsuits and arbitration in coordination With the management of state issues, follow-up of correspondence addressed to the State Council, occupational health and safety procedures, civil defense, guards, land acquisitions and all real estate affairs.

Directorate of Supplies and Contracts:

Proposing the annual and five-year plan for supplies and financing, participating in preparing the financial plan and the foreign exchange plan in cooperation with the rest of the directorates, taking measures to ensure the provision of materials, supplies, spare parts and fuels, following up on contract procedures in terms of tenders, procedures for opening bids, organizing and ratifying minutes, and following up on the decisions of the temporary and final receiving committees in coordination with the branches .

Directorate of Investigations and Research:

Carrying out geological, hydrogeological and ideological investigations for all irrigation and drainage projects and their affiliated facilities, starting from the initial study until the completion of the implementation stage, to participating in receiving the foundations or any of the hidden works and giving permission to continue with them, in addition to setting programs for implementing geological works, issuing regulatory plans, and meeting the designer’s needs for investigations. Engineering geology for the sites of financial and other facilities.

Internal Control Department:

Monitoring the extent to which the institution’s organs comply with the laws, regulations, and instructions issued, detecting defects, waste, reasons for production shortfalls, reasons for not implementing plans, supporting the central body in performing its duties related to violations of public funds committed by employees of the institution, following up on reports and recommendations of the authority and the central apparatus, and investigating complaints referred to it .

Accounts Department:

It implements the accounting system promulgated by Decree 287 of 1978 and its amendments, prepares diaries of assistance for all exchange operations, arrests and payments, entry notes, enters information into the electronic computer, checks bank statements and matches them with restrictions, counts differences, follows up on their settlement, follows-up on periodic matching of expenditures disbursed on credits, follows-up on advances granted, and periodically matches loan accounts and participates in Resolving financial entanglements with other parties.

Mechanisms Department:

Distribution of mechanisms in the various directorates, supervising, preparing and equipping the bays from workshops and tools, repairing and maintaining all mechanisms, securing fuel and oils, proposing the formation of sales committees, setting records of mechanisms, determining fuel consumption rates, organizing the necessary training programs for workers, investigating accidents in transportation means to ensure the rights of the institution, securing spare parts and monitoring work Purchasing committees, tracking the movement of mechanisms and monitoring their productivity