Company Profile

I. Introduction:

 Governmental irrigation projects played a major role in reviving and developing the Euphrates basin, and effectively contributed to achieving the food security equation in the country. It also created real direct and indirect job opportunities for hundreds of thousands of families, which led to an increase in the level of income, improvement in the living conditions of the population and a higher level of education. In the region, which led to securing the stability and growth of residential communities, in addition, as a result of the availability of dry and green fodder, whether from fodder crops approved in agricultural rotations or from crop residues, livestock grew and contributed to increasing the income of families, which led to the recovery of the agricultural sector and was positively reflected on various other economic activities.

Second - the missions of the institution:

The tasks of the institution according to a decree established to study and design irrigation and land reclamation projects, carry out investigations related to them, and supervise the implementation of these projects in the Euphrates River basin within the national plan for reclamation, which amounts to 430,000 hectares, including 159 in Aleppo Governorate, in addition to managing, operating and maintaining projects that are placed in investment. It includes pumping stations, diversion, irrigation and drainage networks in the basin within the governorates of Aleppo, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.

Third - the completed and invested projects of the Corporation until 2012:

The Foundation has studied and implemented a number of projects within the National Reclamation Project in Aleppo Governorate. Part of it has been completed and put into investment, part of it is under implementation and another part is under study. All the projects under study and implementation have stopped since 2012. It has a total area of ​​68 thousand hectares, and it is the project of Mansha’at Al-Assad and the two projects of Maskana East, West, Plains of Al-Bab and Tadef.