It extends in the province of Aleppo and its countryside

Rehabilitation of liberated irrigation projects in Aleppo Governorate:

The area to be rehabilitated is about 70,000 hectares and includes the projects of Maskana West, Manshaat al-Assad and Maskna East

  • The two projects, Maskana West, with an area of ​​(34,107) hectares, and Maskana East, with an area of ​​17,800 hectares, of which (7292) hectares, affiliated to Raqqa Governorate, were included in the operation and investment. Rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage networks continues through contracts with public sector companies
  • Mansha’at al-Assad project, covering an area of ​​17000 hectares: Work is underway around the clock to rehabilitate the damaged plant’s systems and equipment, especially the pumping groups, where a contract was made with the Networks and Communications Company under Contract No. 6/2019 to rehabilitate one pumping group, and after the successful rehabilitation of one of the engines, the contract with the Military Construction Implementation Corporation was concluded to rehabilitate three Engines under Contract No. 27 of 2020
  • Immediately after the liberation of the southern and western Aleppo plains, the government held its first meeting in Aleppo, and among the decisions taken at the meeting was the rehabilitation of irrigation projects, including the rehabilitation of irrigation projects in the west and east of Maskana and the Middle East. Lion facility. The Corporation concluded a series of contracts with public sector companies during the sixth month of the year 2020 to rehabilitate the irrigation networks, and most of the disbursement of the full amount was carried out, and it entered an area of ​​about 3,000 / hectares of the southern plains. Aleppo. The necessary contract was concluded with the Military Construction Implementation Authority, as the entity that previously implemented the project. Contract supplies arrived. The Prime Minister launched the project during his visit on December 29, 2020. Project / 4 / m 3 / s of the waters of the Euphrates River to the Kwik River, including (1 m 3 / s) for the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar.
    Due to the necessity of securing water for the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar, a pumping group has been equipped that provides the required needs in an emergency manner
    The FAO pledged to supply one pumping group, and the project was completed by the FAO and inaugurated under the auspices of the Prime Minister on 29/12/2020
  • Coordination has been made with the World Food Program (WFP) to rehabilitate the Maskana Sharq project, and works have begun and are still ongoing.
  • Coordination has been made with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to rehabilitate three sewage stations in the Maskana West project and a lifting station at Mazraat Hittin in the Maskana West project, and negotiations are still ongoing